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For better sustainable digital business models and experiences.

andreas popp

As a Strategic Digital Product and Service Designer with around 18+ years of expertise, I help companies create better digital experiences based on user research using a hypothesis driven workflow considering people, prosperity and the planet. This includes matching real human needs and expectations with product and service offerings and thus reduce time and resources wasted in building solutions customers do not actually need. Ultimately, by keeping the customer at the center of all thinking and focusing on solving user problems, businesses create a positive user experience that drives business success. By implementing a strong sustainability minded UX strategy, organisations can make informed choices that not only meet customer needs but benefit business, the environment and society as a whole. This approach enables organisations to not only win in the market but also contribute to a more livable future.

With close to twenty years of industry experience across a diverse range of sectors and disciplines - happy clients include LichtblickFielmann, JungheinrichEngel&Völkers, Zalando, Haspa as well as startups such as Textilwerk, Scalyst, or Dein neues Zuhause.


On the side I mentor fellow designers on ADPList and fellow humans on Mentoring Club, co-founded Hamburg Barcamp for User Experience “UX Camp Hamburg” in 2012 and spent my time co-organising it six years in a row.

I am a huge fan of the activism of Greta Thunberg, the thinking of David Kelley, Henry Dreyfuss' common sense and scientific approach to design problems, the invention of TimBL, the ethics of Mike Monteiro, the improv skills of Ella Fitzgerald and the surrealistic fiction of Haruki Murakami.

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